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how to create this policy ..if someone has video clip or else support doc please guide urgent help needed


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sect 2.1

Step 5: Work Centers --> Device Administration --> Device Admin Policy Sets 1. Click "+" 2. Under "New Policy Set 1" 3. Click "+" 4. Click: Click to add and attribute & Select "Device: Device-Type" 5. Click: Choose from list or type & Select "All Device Types" 6. Click: save 7. Keep selected "Save as a new Library Condition" 8. Input Value (Condition Name): pubg 9. save 10. Use 11. Select from list: Default Device Admin 12. Save 13. At Right Corner: Click ">" 14. Click: Authentication Policy 15. Click "+" 16. Click "+" 17. From LHS drag "pubg" to RHS 18. Use 19. Keep Selected "Internal Users" 20. Click: Authorization Policy 21. Click "+" 22. Click "+" 23. From LHS drag "pubg" to RHS 24. Use 25. Select from list "xyz" 26. Select from list "abc" 27. Save

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